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Buddy does a deal with WAM?!

Australia's first Aboriginal Olympic gold medallist, Nova Peris, has taken aim at Indigenous AFL superstar Lance Franklin for his association with a clothing company that seeks to profit from the use of the Aboriginal flag.

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How to stand in solidarity with First Nation people

As events continue to unfold in the US and sister movements spring up around the world, local voices have joined the conversation. As parallels between the racial injustices experienced in America to those in Australia are thrown into sharp relief, a cadre of voices from our creative corners are expressing sympathy, outrage and anger. 

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Using fashion as a tool for Activism

Three Indigenous fashion labels tell us how they use fashion as an access point into broader social and political conversations

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We RunRona, Rona doesn't run us.

Set to take place during Reconciliation Week, the virtual event will see almost 4000 registered participants from Australia and the world get out and get moving on May 30 and 31.

RunRona offers participants the option to run or walk various distances between five and 42 kilometres.

NIT spoke with Clothing the Gap’s Director of Operations, Sarah Sheridan, and Managing Director, Laura Thompson.

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Probono Australia: Changmakers

Proud Narungga woman Sianna Catullo is the chief creative officer at Clothing the Gap, an Indigenous owned and run clothing label supporting Aboriginal health programs and uniting people of all colours and backgrounds. She’s this week’s Changemaker. 

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'Free the flag': Aboriginal businesses told not to use Aboriginal flag over copyright

The Aboriginal owners of two clothing businesses are shocked after receiving legal letters demanding they stop using the Aboriginal flag on their merchandise because it "violates Australian copyright laws".

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