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Free The Flag Tee
Free The Flag Tee
Free The Flag Tee
Free The Flag Tee
Free The Flag Tee

Free The Flag Tee

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Free the Flag Tee


AS Colour, 100% Cotton 

The Aboriginal flag is a symbol that has united all the Aboriginal nations. The flag represented the struggle and resistance movement, now it feels like a struggle to use it. 

While your relationship status with the flag is "complicated", this can be your go-to "having a break" tee during NAIDOC week until we Free the Flag and rekindle our relationship.

See. Sign. Share our petition.

What Free the Flag Tee stands for:

  • We want to free the [-0-] flag. We want the Aboriginal flag to be treated like every other recognised national flag in the world.
  • We want to celebrate the Aboriginal flag without permission.
  • We want to see more black flags in the world.
  • We want the consumer to have freedom of choice of whom they purchase their flag products.
  • We don't want to pay 💰 more for all our [-0-] merchandise.

We are turning our colours upside down signalling that we are distress and to create awareness and urgency around this issue.  

Free the Flag Tee available in black and white.


Disclaimer to save our mooms below:

We fully respect the rights of the Owner and Licensees of the copyright of the Aboriginal Flag.

We make no criticism of any past or current dealing in that copyright. 

Our objective is to express allegiance to the Flag and celebrate it as an important symbol to Aboriginal people and to pursue free access for all those who seek to make legitimate use of the Flag as that symbol. 

The opinions and/or views expressed on our social media platforms, including, but not limited to, any blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, represent the thoughts of individual bloggers and online communities, and not those of Clothing the Gap, its staff or employees. We reserve the right to moderate and remove any disrespectful opinions and/or views expressed on these sites at our sole discretion.