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Survival Day | Not The Date To Celebrate Tee ✊🏾
Survival Day | Not The Date To Celebrate Tee ✊🏾
Survival Day | Not The Date To Celebrate Tee ✊🏾

Survival Day | Not The Date To Celebrate Tee ✊🏾

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Limited Ed. Survival Day | Not The Date To Celebrate Tee

Only 100 tees made! Order now and get yours before the 26 Jan for  Survival, Invasion or Australia Day, whatever you like to call it! 

We will be posting mid Jan once our stock arrives. 

This tee is made of 100% cotton and screen printed in Narrm (Melbourne) with a Clothing the Gap label sewn on to the sleeve. All profits from Clothing The Gap, an Aboriginal Owned and led fashion label support health promotion activities in Aboriginal Communities in Victoria. 

Australia could begin to heal, if we just accepted the truth and tried to understand that Jan 26 is a day of mourning for many people and definitely not a date to celebrate! We won’t celebrate the date until the date celebrates the people! 

It's the denial and lack of acknowledgment that a race of people were decimated and treated less than human, that causes the division between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

It's the defensive behaviour displayed when the truth about Australia's past history and what happened is raised. If we don't acknowledge the truth we cannot heal, make change or unite.

It's the transgenerational trauma that comes from the near genocide of a race of people, that can't be simply wiped away by a few words, such as "get over it or move on". It's not about making people feel guilty as that is a useless and often dangerous emotion.

People may find a lot more peace if they stopped trying to justify the catastrophic history of this Country, that did take place. It is difficult to not feel conflicted and sometimes defensive when you become aware about what took place.

But, you can be part of the change and make sure that Jan 26 is not the date you celebrate Australia. There is no pride in genocide.